Location and Hours

Service Areas

You come to me (Bluffton).  If you prefer I come to you, you must provide the transportation (taxi, lyft, uber, ect).  I will only visit 4 star or better hotels or private residences.

Hours of Operation

Tu   5-15-2018       6am-6pm

We  5-16-2018       4pm-6pm

Th   5-17-2018       6am-6pm

Fr    5-18-2018       3pm-6pm

Sa   5-19-2018       5pm-6pm

Su   5-20-2018       7am-11am

Mo  5-21-2018       Not available

Tu   5-22-2018       6am-6pm

We  5-23-2018       3pm-6pm

Th   5-24-2018       3pm-9pm

Fr    5-25-2018       6am-8pm

Sa   5-26-2018       1pm-6pm

End times mean I stop taking calls and appointments at that particular allotted time.  It also means you must be at my location by the alloted time.  (Ex:  1-24-2018    9am-4pm .....phone will be turned off at 4pm, you must be at my location by 4pm, if you call at 10am to make an appointment for 4:15pm I will graciously decline.)